Call for Papers

SJCL - Online Law Journal Call for Papers

Guidelines for Submission
● Full papers should be between 3500 to 6000 words, including citations and references.
● Essays should not exceed 4000 words
● Book Reviews, Commentaries and Responses should not exceed 2500 words

1. The deadline for the submission of the manuscript is 11:59 PM (IST) on 15 July, 2023.

2. The submissions are accepted only in electronic form. The submission must be made in a Microsoft Word (.docx) format via email to with the document named 'Submission- SJC Law Review' with an appropriate title.

3. Manuscript with a Plagiarism more than 15% will not be accepted and shall be rejected at any stage of processing. In case where the submission is found to be plagiarized after the publication, it shall be retracted immediately and the author will be duly informed.

4. Submissions must conform to HARVARD BLUEBOOK (20th Edition) style of citation.

5. The manuscript should be accompanied by a Cover Letter specifying the author’s name, designation, institute, contact number and email address for future reference. (Authors are requested not to put their name anywhere in the main manuscript).

6. Co - authorship is permitted up to a maximum of two authors.

7. Upon submission, the manuscript shall be the property of SJC Law Review Journal. On subsequent reproduction, the authors would be required to credit the original publication in the Journal. SJC Law Review reserves the right to reproduce, publish and distribute any manuscript submitted for publication in all media, including but not limited to electronic and print media.

8. The body of the manuscript shall be in Times New Roman and size 12, with 1.5 line spacing, justified with no Borders.

9. The footnotes shall be in Times New Roman and size 10, with single line spacing, justified.

10. Margins: Left 1.5 Inch, Right 1 Inch, Top 1 Inch, and Bottom 1 Inch.

11. The manuscripts not abiding any of the above guidelines are liable to be rejected.

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