Student's Publications

Student Name: Mamatha Ramapriya

Name of the paper: Protection of Traditional Knowledge in India

Journal: Journal of Legal Studies, an International Refereed Peer-Reviewed Legal Journal

ISSN 2321-1059

Abstract of the paper

India must adopt a fair and inclusive stance as it advances in the twenty-first century to become a major role on the world stage. Approximately 8.6% of the enormous population is made up of marginalized and vulnerable tribal communities, which play an important role in this regard. One can use their ancestor knowledge to install the ethos in a variety of academic fields. In fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, this would unquestionably bring about the proper balance. Promoting Traditional knowledge could become a project for its rebuilding in post-COVID 19 circumstances when the globe is rapidly losing its natural resources. In addition to restoring the rights of these indigenous communities, taking this action would help the nation's economy by incorporating Traditional knowledge into the field of intellectual property. It would be a stroke of genius for India to take the lead in the Global South. India has taken various initiatives regarding the protection of traditional knowledge under intellectual property rights, including the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), which is a major step to curb biopiracy. The paper discusses the significance of traditional knowledge and the methods of protecting it.

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