MALANG 2.0 -A Tapestry of Traditions
25 January 2024

In the vibrant month of January, we presented ‘Malang - Diversity Day,’ a grand spectacle honoring the kaleidoscope of cultures and diversity that our great nation proudly embraces. This cultural extravaganza underscored the critical importance of acknowledging and cherishing the diverse cultures, traditions, languages, and practices that enrich our society.

Indian was divided into eight cardinal regions, and each batch was passionately assigned a region, the students enthusiastically portrayed and performed based on the folklore of the region. The event transformed the auditorium into a living tableau of our nation's rich cultural mosaic, leaving an indelible mark on all attendees. The attendees very felt wowed by the delicious delicacy catered by our students in the food stall, where home cooked food representing different regions of India was served.

This day of diversity celebration aimed to foster cultural harmony, promote inclusivity, and encourage everyone to respect and appreciate the distinctive aspects of each culture that make our country so extraordinary.

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