Outreach Programme at Kambli Pura, Anekal (taluk), Bengaluru

The St. Joseph's College of Law organised an outreach programme for first-year LLB students at the Kamblipura Brick Factory in Anekal (taluk), Bengaluru. The excursion from the college to the venue was organised under the supervision of Mr. Thomas Alexander and Sr. Stevina. The first stop on the journey was CIRW (Jnana-Jyothi), a Jesuit-run NGO that provides training programmes for skills such as tailoring, making bangles and bags, and many other handicrafts to nearby villagers. Lakshmamma (coordinator), Sushilamma, and Brother Noel managed the NGO. They advised the students on how to make the outreach successful and beneficial.

Upon arrival, the students were greeted by the managing staff, who explained the various tasks that happened in the factory. All the students were then divided into groups, with each group focusing on different tasks such as separating the stones and unwanted wastes from the mud, making bricks, arranging them, and loading and unloading the bricks from the tractor. A few students drove the tractor, while others worked on other aspects of the final brick-making process. This was a first-hand experience for all the students in understanding the hardship that goes into making a simple brick from scratch, as well as the difficulties and risks faced by the workers.

The final stage of the outreach programme was for the workers, which included games, dance, and some words of advice from the students to focus on specific aspects of education and health. Ration kits were distributed to each family, which were received with pleasure.

The outreach programme was a valuable learning experience for the students; it helped to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and empathy among the students while giving back to the community.

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