To transform the lives of people by bringing about a just and egalitarian Society.
1 To train competent, ethically sound and committed lawyers.
2. To train professional graduates capable of integrating knowledge of legal theory, practical skills, and professional values.
3. To sensitize the law students to the various socio-legal issues of the country.
4. To prepare students for leadership through interaction with faculty, mentors and the community at large.
5. To channelize talents of the faculty and student body to render community service.
6. To provide facilities for teaching, research, service and community development.
7. To provide a dynamic and challenging environment for pursuing high-quality learning to achieve excellence. “

“There are three languages: the language of the head, the language of the heart, and the language of the hands; education must go forward by these three ways; instructing in how to think, helping students to feel well; accompanying students as they do. The three languages must be in harmony: what the student thinks, what he feels and does.”
- Pope Francis

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