Address on
“An Introduction to the Study of Law” by
Mr. Prasanth V.G., Partner at J. Sagar Associates

On the 22 nd of March 2018 Mr. Prasanth, Partner, J. Sagar Associates Bengaluru addressed the students on “An Introduction to the study of Law”. Primarily specializing in Dispute Resolution, Mr. Prasanth had practiced law in the field of Trust, Banking, Infrastructure, Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property and Special Relief.

He recalled his experiences to address the students on the importance of internships and co-curricular activities in cultivating skills that are vital for the legal profession. Mr. Prashanth stressed on the importance of reading books authored by legal luminaries and advised the students to include discussions on various contemporary legal matters in their daily classroom routine.

In conclusion, Mr. Prasanth’s address was both refreshing and enlightening, subjecting the students to a broader understanding of law and its practice.

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