Lecture on “Professional Equipment and Conduct”
Mr. Sudish Pai,
Visiting Chair Professor of Ashutosh Mookerjee Chair,Kolkata
24th August 2017

Mr. Sudish Pai, the visiting Chair Professor, Ashutosh Mookerjee Chair Kolkata, delivered an address on “Professional Equipment and Conduct.” on 24th August 2017. He is a distinguished alumnus of St. Joseph's institutions, a legal practitioner and author on areas of legal interest.

Mr. Pai himself transitioned from a career in Mathematics to Law. He spoke of his convictions on how he believed he could make a positive difference in the field of law. Students were urged to cultivate scholastic habits of reference and reading.

Mr. Pai's lecture included references to legal luminaries like Justice Hidayatullah and his interactions with the esteemed Justice. Quoting Sir Isaac Newton Mr. Pai said, "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." Students were urged to view the world in a broader perspective that would help them make fair and just decisions with a watchful eye on social processes. He also spoke of the necessity of holding onto values like idealism in an increasingly disillusioned legal world. By the end of the lecture, Mr.Pai shed light on the various essential aspects of study that are necessary for any aspiring student of law.

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