Ms. B.V. Nidhishree (Advocate, High Court)
Address on Internships

On the 11th of October, 2018, students were addressed by Ms. Nidhishree under the Forum for Internships. During the previous academic year, all students were urged to intern at Non Governmental Organizations. However, this year, first and second year LLB students and second year BA-LLB students are being encouraged to find internships in the area of litigation. Ms. Nidhishree, who not only remembers her interning years fondly, but now also has an independent law practice, was the ideal person to address the students on this matter.

Ms. Nidhishree explained the process of internships by dividing it into three parts – what to do prior, what to do during, and what to do after. Recanting personal anecdotes in her capacities as both an intern and as a practicing advocate, made her address relevant for students. The session was also interactive, as the she encouraged questions at every step of her talk.

Essentially, prior to an internship, Ms. Nidhishree stressed on the importance of research and careful selection. Considerations such as convenience should also factor into decision making. When contacting the firm or individual of choice, she emphasized the consequences of shoddy attempts at shortcuts, seeing as first impressions carry a lot of weight. Tardiness is never looked upon kindly, whether it is for an interview or the first day on the job. She also advised students to apply for internships at the earliest, as this indicates forethought and planning.

During the course of an internship, interns are expected to complete whatever task is assigned to them, big or small. Taking initiative, asking for work or simply asking smart questions is always noticed. Ms. Nidhishree reiterated the fact that interns add no actual value to any firm. Advocates take on interns simply as their way of giving back to the legal fraternity, seeing as every legal aspirant has to start somewhere. Therefore, it is an interns job to gain as much exposure and knowledge as possible.

Once an internship is successfully completed, it is an intern’s obligation to thank their superiors, and if possible stay in touch. Following up on cases that were worked on through the internship is a suitable way to do this. These contacts may prove useful in the future. Ms. Nidhishree answered every possible question patiently. Her humble, down-to- earth manner made the talk relatable as well as informative. She was the perfect opening speaker for the Forum for Internships, for this academic year.

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