National Law day - Inaugural Lecture on “The Constitution and the Marginalised Groups”

Coordinator,The Centre for Child and the Law (CCL) ,National Law School of India University

On the 25th of November 2017, Professor Dr. VS Elizabeth, Co-ordinator, The Centre for Child and the Law NLSIU Bangalore, delivered a lecture titled “The Constitution and the Marginalized Groups” on account of National Law day that was observed in the College.

Prof. VS Elizabeth spoke about the need for change in society and the mind-set of fellow citizens. The importance of education in tackling injustice was impressed upon students. Education for many families in the country was a matter of privilege with countless students being the first to avail of this basic necessity in three or four generations according to Prof. Elizabeth.

Prof. Elizabeth gave an insight into the harsh realities of manual scavenging, dispassionately stating that it is unfair for any human being to clean, carry or dispose of night soil for others.

During the interactive session the professor addressed multiple topics ranging from the current state of reservation in India to women’s rights. Prof. Elizabeth also took the opportunity to urge students to educate others about important societal issues. All this arguably served as an eye-opener to the budding lawyers in the audience.

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