Lecture on
“Science,Law and Medicine”
Prof. P. Balaram

Former Director, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore

Prof. Balaram, a former Director at the Indian Institute of science delivered a lecture titled, “Science, Medicine & Law” to the students on the 3rd of March 2018.

A field of law that is evolving at a tremendous rate with the developments in the scientific and medical fields, scientific literacy is but an important asset for aspiring lawyers. Being a distinguished alumnus of Harvard University and a scientist of repute for multiple decades, Prof. Balaram was uniquely equipped to address students on the topic. Through the course of his address the esteemed Professor brought to the notice of students the important developments in the scientific world today and its impact on the wider world. Topics ranging from judicial decisions on scientific matters to patents and copyrights were touched upon during the seminar. The lack of scientific literacy among law makers and the resultant corrosive effect on law was impressed upon students by the Professor. Students were urged to be literate in scientific matters so as to qualitatively resolve disputes regarding science and medicine.

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