Address on Internships
Mr. Lomesh Kiran Nidhumari
Partner Indus Law

The Forum for Internships organized a talk, on internships for the students of 1st BA LLB course. The programme was organized to facilitate students to prepare themselves to prepare and orient themselves to fulfil the course mandate.

Mr. Lomesh Kiran Nidhumari, Partner Indus Law, addressed the students on the same on the 8th of November,2019.

In his address Mr. Lomesh briefed Students on how a resume and a cover letter added most value to an internship application. He spoke of his experience with reading applications and said that amongst the hundreds of applications that are received by firms on a day to day basis, the key factor for a selection was the resume and the cover letter.

He added on to say that apart from the theoretical knowledge that we derive from our academic studies, the firms also looked for the beneficial soft skills. He advised us to participate in as many value-adding activities as possible. Mr. Lomesh shared an experience of his friend who had made it through an international scholarship because of how he had structured his cover letter. He advised us to make different cover letters for each organization or lawyer we intended to work with, as that would show the level of interest we had and the amount of research we had done in the respective fields.

Something Mr. Lomesh had learnt through his 30 years of practice was the importance of communication and inquisitiveness. He asked us to never be hesitant in approaching established Lawyers. What most experienced lawyers looked for was the interest and dedication that a student had.

The speaker ended the address by highlighting the significance of extensive and qualitative reading that would make us more aware and not restrict ourselves to our own opinions. “The moment you stop questioning, you stop learning”,the speaker emphaisized also adding that writing articles and research papers could be an essential value addition all students.

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