Address on “Human Rights”
Mrs. Leah Verghese

Senior Researcher at Amnesty International, India

Mrs. Leah Verghese, senior researcher at Amnesty International, India addressed the students on the 30th of November 2018. In light of the changing technological dimensions of civil society and governmental interactions, Mrs. Verghese sought to expand the audience's understanding of the growing menace of online censorship. Using the large scale profiling of groups by google as an example, the speaker denounced the harmful effects of the tech company's algorithm programme which disproportionately targets minorities world wide. These algorithms are derived from statistical data that is fed to the system. Mrs. Verghese also spoke about the possible challenges that will be posed by autonomous weapons in the coming decades. The session concluded with a short presentation on Amnesty International's work, after which the speaker addressed a few questions from the audience. This lecture was organised by the " Forum on Conversations about Ideas and People " forum.

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