Protest in Solidarity with the victims of Kathua and Unnao

The students of St. Joseph’s College of Law organized a demonstration in solidarity with the victims of Kathua and Unnao. With placards and a silenced lady justice by their side students marched to the Aseervatham junction and protested in silence. Challenging the silence of the public, students held out placards and spoke to citizens alike.In their own small way the students of St. Joseph's College of Law wished to erase the stain that besmirched the Jammu Bar association and challenge the State's defeaning silence. It is however indicative of a mindset that is struggling with modernity and is increasingly becoming reactionary in a world where women are no longer being seen as chattel or the property of their tribes. The choices are clear; be one of the many civilised nations that uphold law & order or forever be written off as an apathetic nation, among many others.

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