“Current trends in International Relations”
Ambassador Eric Gonsalves
Former Foreign Secretary Government of India & Former Indian Ambassador to Japan and the European Union 21.08.2017

On the 21 st of August 2017 Ambassador Eric Gonsalves, former Foreign Secretary Government of India, Former Indian Ambassador to Japan and the European union addressed the forum on, "The Current trends in International Relations”. In his address, the ambassador shed light on various areas of concern such as the unprecedented threats to peace and security, international focus on human rights and environmental protection schemes which monitor the dynamics of international relations in the twenty-first century. Progress in the development of nuclear weapons and the means of their delivery has, in particular, brought about fundamental changes to the concept of security. Although the world economy has continued to grow and expand after World War II under the principles of a laissez faire economy, these changes have only amplified international interdependence and which in turn has caused economic fluctuations. The constraints on raw materials and the need for environmental protection have also become matters of great concern. Further, he also stated that the central issue in the international economy today is the challenge to deal with recession and inflation to restore the world economy. In order to achieve this objective, at a time when the interdependence of national economies has become an indisputable reality, it is necessary for all countries to promote international cooperation by overcoming the differences in their respective positions, stages of economic development, degree of possession of raw materials, and political and economic systems. At the end of the lecture, the ambassador responded to some questions from the students on the raging issues such as the Rohingya crisis and Indo - China border dispute. The session was an eye opener to the new emerging realities of the world.

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