Address on
“Viewing the Constitution from a Feminist Lens”
Prof. Dr. VS Elizabeth
National Law School of India University

Celebrating the 70th National Constitution day, the Constitution Club of the College organized a talk by Prof. Dr. V S Elizabeth, from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The speaker shared her thoughts on “Viewing the Constitution from a Feminist Lens”.

She defined Feminism as a movement, not about holding the men responsible for the existent condition of women, but about going beyond the patriarchal norms and ending all forms of exploitation and oppression.

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth appreciated the Constitution makers for walking in the shoes of one of the marginalized sections of society-the Women, despite having lived in a completely different generation. She expressed respect for their progressive imagination of an equal Indian society, where women would be guaranteed all the fundamental rights enlisted in the Constitution without any discriminitaion. In her address the speaker revisited the goals of JUSTICE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY and DIGNITY, set in the preamble and left us introspecting on why we have been unable to live up to the vision our constitution makers had. She created an intellectual and inquisitive atmosphere for the students and concluded the session by addressing questions.

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