Awareness programme on Drug Abuse
Organised by St. Josephs College of Law in association with
Higher Power Foundation, Bengaluru
24th and 25th of February 2020

St. Josephs College of Law, and the AICUF unit of the college in collaboration with the Higher Power Foundation, Bengaluru conducted a two day Awareness programme on drug and substance abuse, on 24th and 25th of February 2020. The awareness programme was organized with the objective of

1. Bringing to awareness the extent of substance and drug abuse among students and youth
2. Understanding better the scientific and biological nature of addiction
3. Realizing the multi dimensional effects and consequences of addiction, and lastly
4. Providing aid and support to the affected

The two day awareness programme was conducted in class groups in order to facilitate effective communication and interaction. Dr Gambetta Da Costa and with his team of three others (Mr. Govind;an engineer, Fr. Mahesh; a priest, and Mr Jungjung; a Tibetan doctor) who themselves are recoveries from addiction shared their life experience, and study expertise with the students to reach the set objectives.

The interactive sessions evoked several doubts and questions among the students to act against the menace of drug abuse and in all brought home the negative impact and potential drug abuse and addiction in altering life of the individuals.The College also intends to collaborate with the organization in future to get the students trained for peer counselling and aid.

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