“The Making and Working of India's Constitution”
Dr. Vikram Raghavan

(International Lawyer and Author)

Dr. Vikram Raghavan an international Lawyer and Author, addressed the students of St. Joseph's College of Law on a session titled “The Making and Working of India's Constitution” on 7th August 2018. The session sought to examine Indian constitutional history in the context of one of it's greatest historians, Granville Austin. Students were given a biographical understanding of Mr. Austin, who also happened to be Dr. Raghavan's mentor. Mr. Austin, who was best known for his books, "The Indian Constitution" and "Working a Democratic Constitution" played a crucial role in compiling the document's history argued Dr. Raghavan. A foreigners perspective on the Indian constitution makes for an interesting study. Granville Austin was one such individual who studied Indian constitutional history with remarkable ingenuity, stated Dr. Raghavan. In his address, Dr. Raghavan spoke of the unorthodox ways in which Mr. Austin collected information about the constitution from the founding fathers of the Indian state. His power point presentation traced the journey of Mr. Austin from his early years in the United States to his arrival in India and his scholarly pursuits therein after. The session also addressed the prejudices that inspired Mr. Austin to write about India's emergency era. Students were urged to adopt the Austinian way of probing and exploring, in the study of their legal texts by Dr. Raghavan in the concluding part of his address.

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