Dissemination Conference on Clinical Legal Education in India
NLSIU ,Bengaluru

Thangam Chandy & Akshata Arjunagi, representing BA LLB attended a dissemination conference on Clinical Legal Education. The conference was presided over by eminent personalities such as Justice N. Kumar, Chairman National Human Rights Commission Chair on Human Rights and Prof. Dr. Sarasu Esther Thomas, Co-ordinator, Centre for Women and the Law NLSIU, among other expert panellists.

Clinical Legal Education is a provision by which lawyers can do pro-bono work for those who cannot afford legal fees. It is this context that the panellists spoke about the concept in depth with an added emphasis on its importance in redressing the legal grievances of the impoverished.

The panel discussion was complemented by the findings of a year long study conducted by Ms. Hafsa Bashir Bhat. Dr. Thomas spoke about the implementation and setbacks of the same in refer3ence to the study’s programme. Clinical Legal Education in many institutions exist solely to fulfill Bar Council requirements opined Justice Kumar who also stated that the programmes lacked substance.

He went on to argue that the variations of CLE are left in the hands of institutions, and this inconsistency leads to inevitable limitations. The panellists also spoke about the need for a unified programme in the country and the plans they had for their institutes regarding the same, in the concluding part of the conference. St. Joseph’s College of Law hopes to set up a CLE programme in the near future.

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