Disquisition on The Right to Information Act
Robinson D'Souza, Former Law Secretary, Government of Karnataka

Mr. Robinson D'Souza, Former Law Secretary, Government of Karnataka delivered an address titled, “Right to Information Act” on the 27th of March 2018. Mr. D’Souza has also worked in various other capacities including that of Munsiff -Magistrate, Civil Judge, Secretary to the Hon’ble (Chief) Minister and the Secretary to the Chief Justice. The Right to Information Act was a landmark piece of legislation passed in the year 2005 with the aim of increasing transparency and efficiency in the country's bureaucratic and political systems. There has been much RTI related activism since then, with anti-corruption crusaders and civil society groups pressing for more transparency. It is in this context that Mr. D'Souza addressed students. In his brief address the audience received a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the RTI Act. The relatively cheap mode of filing RTI applications and the response rate makes it an especially potent instrument of accountability argued Mr. D'Souza. Students were then urged to file RTIs for the public good and were also made aware of its limitations. The session ended with various questions relating to the Act being addressed by the guest speaker.

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