Fr. Swebert D'Silva SJ
M.Sc, M.Phil


The Society of Jesus, whose members are known as Jesuits, has been in the fore front of education with a legacy of 450 years. They are universally recognized and renowned for their quality education and manage some of the very prestigious institutions in India. St. Joseph's College of Law (SJCL) Administered by the Bangalore Jesuit Education Society (BJES), is the first-ever Jesuit Law College in South Asia. The College of Law was established in 2017-2018, the college strives to equip and train students and expose them to the best practices to study the various aspects of Indian and international law and jurisprudence.

SJCL is situated in the heart of Bangalore city and is affiliated to Karnataka State Law University, Hubbali. The infrastructure with basic amenities and excellent facilities like a well-stocked library, moot court, a hygienic cafeteria coupled with state-of-the-art lecture and seminar halls. The new era of legal education in India has opened up avenues for students and completely changed the image and structure of the legal profession of the Country, hence we have taken the responsibility to generate competent, ethically sound and committed lawyers.

SJCL is a young law college, committed and determined to pursue several progressive and innovative ideas in its endeavor to grow and shape its identity to take its place among the premier legal institutes. Our curriculum is highly rigorous, contemporary and progressive. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of modern-day legal education. The course curriculum aims at exposing students to the best practices of teaching and learning and provides them opportunities to go beyond the curriculum. The College ensures that the students engage in a qualitative training to fulfill their legal course requirements. This borne by the various curricular and co curricular programmes offered by the college.

The faculty members of SJCL are encouraged to innovate teaching learning techniques. This method of learning would include case-studies, experiential learning and interactive teaching along with emphasizing critical thinking. Apart from the full-time faculty members, teaching is supplemented by a panel of distinguished and experienced visiting professors from a consortium of leading accredited universities across the world and renowned legal practitioners.

Promoter of Practical Wisdom
The institutional vision aims to transform the lives of people by affecting a society based on justice, equality, peace and harmony, SJCL is keen on educating students hailing from the minority communities and women who are traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession. Though we do not believe in distinguishing on the basis of gender, caste and creed, we understand the drawback certain class of humankind face, ergo we try to help them through providing a light of education. On the flipside, the institute also offers scholarships to the students who are capable of becoming a successful lawyer, but are economically weak.

The college is confident that the students of SJCL will contribute to the qualitative demands and expectations in a world of legal opportunities. Law education at SJCL intends to create lawyers who have the courage and guts to fight for what are right. They will be socially conscious, morally upright and exhibit leadership qualities to transform society. In a world of growing opportunities for legal practitioners, SJCL relentlessly unfolds ways to grant its students a global recognition within the spectrum of practicing law.

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