A lecture on “Death Penalty Issues”
Aditya Sondhi, PhD
Senior Advocate ,Additional Advocate General,
Government of Karnataka
30th August 2017

Mr. Aditya Sondhi, Additional Advocate General, Government of Karnataka addressed students on the pertinent topic of “Death Penalty”. The question of death penalty remains one of the most contentious issues of our times. As pointed out during the lecture, the debate is driven by our knee jerk reactions to current developments and judges are also not immune to this, according to Mr. Sondhi. The talk was scheduled on 30th of August 2017.

Ideological leanings have arguably dictated some of the judgments awarded by Justices in such cases. Mr. Sondhi warned the students against betraying legal ethics & sacrificing professionalism, regardless of their stance on these issues. Touching on the moral arguments and the doctrine of the "rarest of rare cases", Mr. Sondhi opened up multiple layers of this complex debate.

In his personal capacity Mr. Sondhi argued against the imposition of death penalty in the vast majority of cases, lest we become like certain Middle Eastern nations.

Mr. Sondhi graciously answered questions from our students after his brief but insightful address. Answering a student's question regarding the use of finances as an argument in the death penalty debate, Mr. Sondhi voiced his disapproval. An insightful discussion, Mr. Sondhi's address gave much needed nuance to the ongoing debate. Students were left more informed and enlightened after the address.

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