Mr. David Devadas
Senior journalist and Author
20th September 2018

Mr. David Devadas, a senior journalist, Distinguished Fellow at the Indian Institute of Social Sciences New Delhi delivered an address on the Kashmir conflict, to the students on 20th September 2018. In his new book, "The Generation of Rage in Kashmir" Mr. Devadas explores the new trends of militancy in the region. It is in this context that Mr. Devadas delivered his address. A veteran journalist who has covered the conflict for over thirty years and reported extensively from the Kashmir valley for over a decade, Mr. Devadas attempted to draw on his experiences from the region and contextualize the roots of the current situation for the students. He spoke about the feelings of disillusionment and the resurgent fears of attempts to dilute constitutional provisions, that had prevailed in the region since 2015. In keeping with the essence of his book, Mr. Devadas attempted to speak about the situation from the perspective of a Kashmiri citizen. The address was centred around the change of public opinion from the premiership of the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee to the current rule of Prime Minister Modi's government. Mr. Devadas concluded the session, stating that confidence building measures needed to be explored to deescalate the situation in the valley. The session was organised by the Forum for Conversations about Ideas and People.

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