Lecture on
“Constitutional history and Constitutional Development”
Hon'ble Mr. Justice H.N.Nagamohan Das
Former Judge , High Court of Karnataka

Hon. Justice H.N. Nagmohan Das (Retd) delivered a lecture titled “Making of Indian Constitution : Basic Features & Challenges” on the 2 nd of March 2018. The Justice’s talk attempted to connect the audience with the historical background and the evolution of India’s Constitution. He emphasized that history without context is a subject we can draw little meaning from, going on to argue that those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it.

As beings of a century that is comparable to a few before it, politically and socially, man owes a sense of responsibility towards the makers of modern democracy argued Justice Das. The Constitution was presented as a living document by the esteemed Justice and students were urged to see the document for its sanctity and its contextual history. Justice Nagmohan Das shed light on India’s struggle to establish itself as a modern democracy from a feudal society.

Constitutionalism as a principle worth fighting for and the importance of its contextual history in understanding its essence was argued for, passionately by Justice Das. This address was organized by the “Forum for Conversation about Ideas and People.”

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