Mrs. CK Meena (Senior Journalist and Author)
Address on
"Whatsup with the Media"

C.K Meena an eminent journalist, novelist and a newspaper columnist addressed the students on a session titled “Whatsup with the Media?” on 17th April 2018. Mrs. Meena was able to draw on her extensive experience and background in journalism to give students a deeper insight into the manner in which the media functions today. The fourth estate of government machinery; however has noticeably been unable to live up to its obligations and responsibilities. Mrs. C.K Meena persisted in expressing her view of the media’s indulgence of people with trivia and sensational news rather than news of consequence. Increasing corporatism in the functioning of media houses is becoming a darker reality by the day.

Students were exposed to various news pieces of questionable origin that later turned out to be false or exaggerated. Mrs. Meena also spoke of the tendency of journalists to propagate news reports without proper verification. The phenomenon of fake news is greatly affected by this tendency which has turned out to be a malaise for the journalist community at large.

Mrs. Meena also explored the development of broadcast journalism with students touching upon relatively new concepts like “Breaking News” and “24/7 coverage.” The lecture was followed by an interactive session with questions ranging from definitional concepts to the role of media in modern day India being addressed by the speaker.

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